Woven Wire Screens

Hoyt’s woven wire screens are manufactured with extra care and attention to detail in each step of our manufacturing process. These processes include: wire straightening, wire crimping, wire weaving, shearing, edging and welding. Each wire screen panel is designed and manufactured to perform a specific function in effective aggregate screening and separation. Three basic designs of woven wire aggregate screen cloth are produced by Hoyt to maximize your aggregate production.


Square Openings

smoothtopsideview(Opening sizes: 3/32″ – 8″)
Square openings are by far the most commonly used opening shape in the aggregate industry. Specific aggregate material gradations are normally produced through, and tested by, square opening screens. Hoyt Wire Cloth’s manufacturing tolerances for square openings are more rigid than the ASTM standard for woven screens. These “tighter” manufacturing opening tolerances offer the benefits of longer screen cloth wear-life and production of accurately sized aggregate material. Due to the abrasive action of the aggregate upon the screen openings, these openings eventually become larger, passing larger material. Once the opening size becomes too large, the screen panel must be replaced. However, due to tighter tolerances, longer effective wear-life and production is realized with Hoyt’s woven wire screens.






Oblong Openings

OblongOpening(Opening sizes: 1/16″ – 6″)
Oblong-shaped openings offer two distinct advantages over square openings: more open area/screening efficiency and greater wear-life, depending on the specific screening application. Additionally, oblong openings can be used where square opening screen cloth is plugging and/or not suitable due to wear-life and production concerns.

Hoyt manufactures oblong openings with oversized “fill wires” that firmly lock all wires into place, preventing looseness and extending wear. Oblong openings can be designed to match the conditions and support bars on each particular vibrating screen and are available with material flow, or across material flow, depending on the vibrating screen in use.






Longslot Smoothtop Openings

LongslotSmoothtopTOP(Opening sizes: 5/64″ – 6″)
Hoyt’s unique “press crimping operation” produces Longslot opening panels that are tightly woven with accurately sized openings. Longslot openings are especially suitable for use when maximum open area and screening efficiency is required in the removal of fine material, from the over sized. Again, larger-diameter “fill wires” are used to firmly lock all wires into place, preventing looseness and extending screen panel wear-life. The Smoothtop construction exposes more wire mass to the aggregate flow on an evenly wearing surface. No high points (knuckles) are higher than the wearing surface. These “high points” quickly abrade away and shorten the wear-life of the screen cloth panels. Hoyt positions all “high points/knuckles” on the underside of the screen panels, thereby maximizing wear.






Smoothtop Twin™

TwinIf you have areas that see heavy impact, Hoyt’s Smoothtop Twin™ may be the answer for you. Since it is constructed of two smaller wires side by side rather than one large wire, Smoothtop Twin™ flexes under impact, minimizing the chance of breakage. Best of all, Hoyt’s Smoothtop Twin™ outperforms the competition’s “twin wire” screens because all the crimps are on the bottom — away from abrasion — just like our legendary Smoothtop™ construction! In addition, Smoothtop Twin™ can be specified with Guard Rods™ to slide oversized material down the deck and to double the thickness in impact areas. Your Hoyt sales engineer will be glad to evaluate your application and determine if Smoothtop Twin™ is right for you.

Hoyt’s non-blinding screen cloth panels are also woven and manufactured to solve blinding and plugging conditions that are prevalent in many screening operations. Custom-designed and specialized manufacturing techniques are employed to produce all of Hoyt’s Woven Wire Screens, all of which are available in either oil-tempered or full hard #304 stainless steel. This offers you the advantage of much greater production and extended screen cloth wear. Consult a Hoyt representative to discuss the best options for your particular screening operations.



For More Information, Download the Smoothtop Wire Screen Brochure (PDF)