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As with all screening media, rubber screening panels and screening systems have been established as a cost-effective solution to many severe and abrasive screening conditions. Rubber screening panels and systems offer several distinct advantages when compared to conventional “steel” screening media.

Noise Abatement
Indeed, rubber screening surfaces are an ideal solution to this ongoing problem. Decibel levels can be reduced up to 75% when compared to traditional steel screening and impact surfaces.

Impact Wear
The use of rubber screening media and rubber impact pads offers aggregate producers the benefit of reduced wear of these normally high-wear items. Due to the resiliency of rubber, much greater wear-life is realized.

Sliding Abrasion Wear
Rubber screening media and abrasion-resistant rubber liners can dramatically extend wear-life when compared to many steel surfaces.

Increased Aggregate Production
Many synthetic and rubber screening surfaces have a slightly reduced open area, although this is compensated for by the greater gains in wear-life. In many screening circumstances, round opening shaped rubber panels actually increase aggregate production where plugging/pegging is prevalent. Due to the round opening shape, aggregate material that attempts to pass through the surface and cannot is readily ejected from the opening, eliminating the plugging condition.

Hoyt custom designs our rubber screening panels to ideally suit your particular screening application and perfectly fit your screening equipment. Support bars can be covered and protected from wear. Impact pads can be molded into the rubber screening surface and accommodations for a center hold-down bar can be provided. Hoyt also supplies modular rubber replacement panels for most screening systems. Square openings, slotted openings and round openings are available.