Polyurethane Screening Systems

Polyurethane Screening SystemsSeveral polyurethane screening systems and polyurethane screening surfaces are available from Hoyt. Polyurethane screening systems and polyurethane screening surfaces offer the advantages of much longer wear-life and greater screening efficiency in many screening applications. Both modular polyurethane screening media and tensioned polyurethane panels are available to suit your specific screening application.


Modular Screening Systems

Hoyt supplies replacement panels for most modular screening systems. 1’x1′, 1’x2′ and 1’x4′ replacement panels offer our customers equal or greater wear-life, reduced blinding and much faster delivery, and all at lower cost. Superior polyurethane composition and abrasion-resistant compounds are used by Hoyt to produce all of our replacement panels.


Tensioned Polyurethane Screening Panels

Many tensioned panels are readily available to increase wear-life and improve screening efficiency in circumstances where material specifications frequently change. The ease of installation and the extended wear-life easily justify this change to polyurethane in many severe and abrasive screening situations. Heavy-duty impact panels can be supplied for the feed area, while greater production polyurethane-tensioned panels can be used on the discharge positions (see photo) where screening efficiency is the primary concern. The combination of polyurethane impact panels, high-efficiency polyurethane tensioned panels and abrasion-resistant woven wire cloth distinguishes Hoyt as a screening consultant of screen media.