Self-Cleaning Screens

Hoyt’s woven wire, non-blinding screening products offer many effective solutions to difficult sizing and aggregate separation conditions that are usually associated with efficient screening and accurately sized salable aggregate. Specifically, these include fine material “blinding” and near size material “plugging/pegging” conditions. These troublesome screening situations exist in numerous aggregate processing facilities and usually present “bottlenecks” where efficient aggregate flow and accurately sized material is imperative. Efficient screening is but one of the necessary ingredients of cost-effective aggregate processing, although it is usually the most important.

The sale of clean and accurately sized aggregate material determines the profitability of the customers we serve and greatly reflects upon us as a screen media supplier. Many self-cleaning screening surfaces are currently available to maintain or increase production where these “difficult screening” conditions exist. Applying the correct self-cleaning screen, based on your particular screening application, can make a significant improvement in the profitability of your screening operation. Hoyt Wire Cloth considers this to be our highest priority and eagerly seeks cost-effective and long-lasting solutions to your most difficult screening problems.


Woven Wire Screens

Hoyt’s woven wire screens are manufactured with extra care and attention to detail in each step of our manufacturing process. These processes include: wire straightening, wire crimping, wire weaving, shearing, edging and welding. Each wire screen panel is designed and manufactured to perform a specific function in effective aggregate screening and separation. Three basic designs of woven wire aggregate screen cloth are produced by Hoyt to maximize your aggregate production.


Shaped Wire Screens


ESE System


Polyurethane Screening Systems

Several polyurethane screening systems and polyurethane screening surfaces are available from Hoyt. Polyurethane screening systems and polyurethane screening surfaces offer the advantages of much longer wear-life and greater screening efficiency in many screening applications. Both modular polyurethane screening media and tensioned polyurethane panels are available to suit your specific screening application.


Perforated Plate

Abrasion-resistant perforated plate is often the best choice in unique and severe screening situations. Hoyt’s abrasion and impact-resistant screening plate is custom made to suit the specified screening application and screening equipment where these extreme screening situations occur. Impact and highly abrasive raw material are the primary reasons why perforated plate is a logical choice. Unlike woven wire cloth, perforated plate has a level screening surface, free from high points, which rapidly wear away in many severe screening applications. The sliding material, oversized, near-sized, and undersized, “sees” a uniform screening surface and “freely flows” down the length of the screen deck, effectively separating the oversized material from the undersized particles.


Rubber Screening Systems

As with all screening media, rubber screening panels and rubber screening systems have been established as a cost-effective solution to many severe and abrasive screening conditions. Rubber screening panels and systems offer several distinct advantages when compared to conventional “steel” screening media.


Screening Accessories