Sand & Gravel

Quarry crusher plant in sand and gravel procuctionJust because most of our wire cloth goes into Crushed Stone operations, that does not mean we are inexperienced when it comes to assisting Sand and Gravel operations. With over 60 years of experience from our outside sales team and many more years with our extensive dealer chain, there is not a screening application for a Sand and Gravel plant, we have not seen. With any number of options, we can provide you with a screen media that can prevent your down time and increase your production.

Our square opening and slotted screens are second to none in their exceptional quality. If you find that wire cloth is not solving your issues, our Sharkskin screens can extend your wear life while maintaining the open area that is needed to hit production goals. Modular polyurethane, AR Plate and any of our self-cleaning screens will be able to get your production where it needs to be.